As parents of a consecrated religious daughter we have developed this website as a place where parents of children discerning, pursuing, or having already entered a community of a catholic religious vocation, can learn, share, and network.

Those of us who have children just beginning this process, or even years down this path have thousands of questions and few places to turn for parental reference, and experience. Our only daughter’s strength, courage, and commitment to answer God’s call as a catholic sister years ago, left us searching for a way to cope with the changes. We found no resources available to answer our questions as parents. What my wife and I have learned has been with trial and error and lots of time, tears, and prayer.

It is our hope that by bringing together us parents of our male, and female religious children we are able to build a network of loving, and supportive communication, strengthening us on our journey. For just like our children, all of our circumstances are different, but united by our children’s vocational decision, we are not alone.